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Ny Yankees Tickets – A Brief History

One of the two Major League Baseball teams from New York City, the New York (NY) Yankees – then known as the Baltimore Orioles – started playing in the American League in 1901. The Baltimore franchise had become defunct soon, and in 1903, the franchise was purchased for $18,000 by Bill Devery – the notorious ex-Chief of Police of New York City, and Frank Farrell – owner of a casino and several pool halls. They then moved to Manhattan.

History Of NY Yankees – In Brief

At Manhattan, they were known as the New York Highlanders as they initially played at Hilltop Park – the highest spot, then, in Manhattan. The team did not have much success, but in 1912, they did introduce the pinstripes in their uniform, which is still a very distinctive part of the NY Yankees’ uniform. These pinstripes are one of the most famous uniform designs. The Highlanders moved to the Polo Grounds – home of the New York Giants of the National League – and then soon officially changed name to New York Yankees in April 1913.

Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Colonel Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Huston purchased the NY Yankees for $1.25 million in January 1915. The two Colonels decided to build their own ballpark when asked, in 1921, to vacate the Polo Grounds at the earliest. They paid $675,000 for 10 acres of land they bought in West Bronx from the estate of William Waldorf Astoria.

The ballpark they built with the capacity of 70,000 was the first to be known as a ‘stadium’ and was baseball’s first triple decked structure. The stadium, known as the Yankee Stadium, opened on April 18, 1923, and the NY Yankees inaugurated their own stadium with a 4-1 win over the Boston Red Sox, as well as with the stadium’s first home run – by the legend Babe Ruth – in front of 74,2000 spectators.

The Yankees had purchased Babe Ruth’s contract from the Boston Red Sox in 1920, and in 1921, won their first American League (AL) pennant. This was the first of the 29 AL pennants they have won.

Babe Ruth the baseball player the house that ruth built

The Stadium

New York’s White Construction Company built the Yankee Stadium in just 284 working days. The Stadium cost $2.5 million to build.

The Stadium was also known as ‘The House That Ruth Built’ due to Babe Ruth’s great drawing power. The 15-foot deep copper faade, across the front of the roof, was the most striking feature of the Stadium. The executive offices were relocated from midtown Manhattan to the Stadium – between the main and the mezzanine decks. The Stadium featured eight toilet rooms each for men and women, scattered throughout the stands and the bleachers – an unheard of feature, which was very patron-friendly.

The Tickets

The NY Yankees tickets are the most sought after tickets by their fans and by the fans of the opposing teams, as well. The Yankees are the team opponents love to hate.

NY Yankees tickets are not easy to procure unless you use the services of the legitimate ticket brokers, who will arrange to have your NY Yankees tickets delivered to your door.

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